If you are interested in massage services, please schedule an appointment at our spa in Hilo today!

Swedish: $80 (60 min) $110 (90 min)

Enjoy a full body massage with a variety of kneading and long strokes to help promote a deep relaxation, enhance circulation, and ease tension.

Deep Tissue: $85 (60min) $115 (90min)

Penetrates deep into the muscle fibers to help relieve chronic pain and restore the body’s natural range of motion.

Sports: $80 (60min) $110 (90min)

Stimulate weary, over-exercised muscles to help ease soreness and prevent injuries.

Shiatsu: $85 (60min) $115 (90min)

Tonify or sedate your body’s natural energy by balancing the body’s energy pathways using specific pressure points.

Lomi Lomi Hot Stone: $90 (60min) $125 (90min)

Utilizing the long fluid strokes of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and incorporate heat into your massage with hot stones, will melt away stress and tension to allow a deeper more relaxing massage experience.

*Add Hot Stones to any massage for additional $15.